Some lawn mower blade uses you don’t know

We know that there are many shapes of lawn mower blades, so it becomes very difficult for us to choose. How to choose lawn mower blades? How to adjust the blade of the mower? And how to use and maintain lawn mower blades? The following editor will introduce to you.

How to adjust the blade of a lawn mower?

When adjusting the blade screw of the lawn mower, it is required to tighten the screw, turn it 1/4-3/4 turns, screw on the nut, manipulate the washer, if the washer can move flexibly, then tighten the nut and check the pad again Whether the blade can move, if the screw is too tight, the blade will not move. After everything is installed, test drive, the blade runs for one minute, touch the screw with your hand, it is hot or too hot, the brush cutter blade indicates that the screw is too tight, please adjust again.

Do a good job in the maintenance of lawn mower blades

The traditional orchard weeding machinery can no longer adapt to the existing orchard planting form, and the new brush cutter blade brush cutter can fully meet the current orchard weeding operation needs. The use of brush cutters for weeding operations can greatly improve work efficiency. The brush cutter blades can be kept on the ground to prevent soil erosion, beautify the environment, retain water and report moisture, and increase soil organic matter.

How to use brush cutter blades safely

1. Engine

A. Use qualified gasoline and engine oil, and ensure the mixing ratio of the brush cutter blade (25:1 or 50:1).

B. Regularly (25 hours) check and replace the air filter and spark plug.

C. After working with a tank of oil, you should rest for 10 minutes, and clean the loose gasket of the machine after each work to ensure heat dissipation.

D. When storing, you must clean the body, let go of the mixed fuel, the brush cutter blade burns the fuel in the vaporizer, remove the spark plug, add 1-2ml of oil into the cylinder, pull the starter 2-3 times , Install the spark plug.

2. Tool

The length of the nylon lock of the brush cutter blade should be controlled (= 15cm). When using the blade of the brush cutter blade, the balance of the blade should be ensured, and the blade with vibration should not be used.

(1) Rope-for the tender grass that is easy to cut.

(2) Square blade-mainly for hard and brittle complications like reeds.

(3) Rhombus blades-for vines, small shrubs, and tough ones.

Installation of lawn mower mowing rope

Disassemble the mowing head, then take out the rotating core inside and twist the mowing rope. The length of the mowing rope should not be too long, 10-15cm is appropriate, it is not easy to hit, not easy to control, and easy to break. When installing, tie a knot on the shaft or the mowing head, and pull out the rope from the opposite direction, otherwise the rope will come out during the mowing process; the length of the mowing rope at both ends should be the same, otherwise the mowing chance will be shortened due to imbalance . Lawn mower mowing rope is only suitable for mowing young grass, too thick, even old grass that has been lignified, needs to be cut with a blade. The following is how to wind the lawn mower mowing rope.

(1) Remove the mowing head, there is a place for the mowing rope inside.

(2) Fold the mowing rope in half, jam it in the place where the mowing rope is wound, and wind it inside.

(3) When the entanglement is almost finished, pass the mowing rope out of the grooves on both sides.

The choice of lawn mower blade is very important. For various occasions and the corresponding lawn mower blade selection, you must choose the right lawn mower blade. In addition, I remind everyone that you must choose the blades of the size manufacturers. Hangzhou Zhengchida Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is leading manufacturer of garden machinery blades in China Welcome to buy.

Post time: Nov-04-2020